The World Asleep

Channeling restlessness

So Blue


We made amazing shades of color
From our bodies tangled together
From winter to spring
Lying next to you
Fighting against the cold, cold blue
Our days were so tender
An amazing shade of love
Now I’m so blue without you.

Looking up at the moon and stars
Do you think of me when I’m waning in dark?
You are my love song.
The only love song.

Thinking of you.

Thoughts from the Fall

She wanted you
to breathe in love
as deeply as she did.

She tried her best
to find the words,
to move her body,
to explain this.
Did you ever feel it?

Our Sleepless In Seattle

Seattle days spent under showers of affection and warm kisses,
cuddles and bear hugs —
Beds never felt so much warmer.
Why did we leave again?

Oh right,
For sassy biscuits
And for me,
gravy and grits.

Middays trekking back
For afternoon naps,
1,2,3,4 Tell me I’m the one you adore 🎵
5,6,7,8 I’ll tell you you’re in really good shape 😉
Then finally some sleeping
after a little bit of smooching.

Now present in LA
where you depart,
I hope corona doesn’t get to you
during our time apart.

Little Notes

You were born,
so I could love you forever and ever.
Happy birthday.

The future is uncertain.
But right now,
I'm certain of us.

My favorite feeling?
Loving you.

Of Us

I dream
That you will remember
That you will understand
why we are together

I dream
That we’ll dance
We’ll laugh
In between smiles
And kisses flying
Filled with ecstasy
With music floating through the air

I dream
Of us connecting
In silence
In soft stares
Of mutual feelings, shared

I awake
To us leaving each other
Into a different new year

For You

There’s a riot going on inside my mind
It’s always the trivial things
The riot going on for you
Such simple things
But I’m struggling

How it seems
How it feels
So impossible
To know the truth
Maybe I am the bad guy
It’s all hurting

There’s a riot going on inside my mind
It’s always the trivial things
The riot going on for you
Such simple things
But I’m struggling

Can you help ease my mind
It’s not too late to do this
Heaven would be so happy
Maybe you can be that guy

There’s a riot going on inside my mind
It’s always the trivial things
The riot going on for you
Such simple things
But I’m struggling

For Tenderness

To know the pain of too much tenderness.
- Kahlil Gibran

We sought out tenderness,
To escape the pains of this world.

Underneath our minds,
We closed our eyes,
of a reality to be at peace,
to be understood deeply,
to feel something
than the air above
these sheets.

In the morning,
We felt the sun
warm our eyes
but we were too dazed and confused,
to understand how we found strangers in our bedroom.

I Was Born Before You Were Ready

I was born before you were ready
Before your back stretched out in pleasure
underneath clouds of warmth against your skin
Before you had a chance to breathe in
of this day's journey
to catch first light.

I was born before you were ready
I cracked and slowly oozed out of
my porcelain walls, hidden behind
freckled sand paper.

I cringed at the feel of flames
beneath my skin
filling the air
with lust
and calling
those nearby to draw
closer, cautiously, earnestly.

I smoked immensely and made those
weary of my pulsating body,
full of life,
but bitter
at first touch
to awaken.

I was born before you were ready
— for breakfast.

They Said God Laid In His Hands

They said god laid in his hands.
The way brushstrokes followed,
Led by invisible string,
Colors escaping onto a white canvas.
God's hair never looked so beautiful,
As it did now.

Ripples surfaced
Beneath a sea of white,
A sea of solitude,
Peace in a time of chaos,
Ruptured throughout and thoroughly,
(As if this was the last...)
As present time passed,
Because this was it,
This was life.

Brushed on white,
On browns,
On blues,
On hues,
Of new.
They said this,
was the color of you.

Born Before Yesterday

In hopes of forgetting,
In hopes of escaping,
I was born before yesterday
But news caught up to me,
a reality staring directly at me,
whether or not if I was ready.

I was born before yesterday trying to start fresh but
old habits,
my bubble burst.
I tried again.

Born before yesterday
it was just like a dream,
thought they would forget me
but here they come,
chasing me through the streets
yelling about some deception
of my myriad confessions
Breaking backs to cross unknown territories.
No time to relax.

They were born before yesterday,
it felt just like a dream,
before reality screamed.

Wondering, "why, god, did they pick me?".

I was born before yesterday,
in hopes of forgetting,
in hopes of escaping,
but reality stared
directly at me,

Never forgetting
my foreign country.


We learned to seek refuge in others instead of ourselves
Our youth, wasted on others,
our sacrifice,

We clothed ourselves in saffron
in search of
truth and faith,
a lovely face.

We pilgrimaged
seeking truth,
an amazing grace,
golden ties
turned orange-red,
a sunset,
we'll never forget.
Our pilgrimage to another place,
a refuge
from our family and friends.

Residues of Stories

Our fingertips touched
with the notion to forget.

We asked god for forgiveness,
for time was our constant,
shown only in our hands and faces.

Our bones shook
and our blood curdled,
over cold bedsheets.

With a conscious so heavy
searching for peace.

is a movement to escape.

Deuce Times

Trying something new with a friend on Medium

Mad Men

Only the mad men laugh. They wouldn't be here otherwise.

Cursing the passing time
breathing in dim lights.

Pounding at my doorstep
bursting with life.

An obsession, only at night.

the world asleep,
the world is mine.